Call Impact in the News

03 January, 2014

We continue to grow as a diverse nationwide call center.

01 January, 2014

Call Impact has achieved certification as a 100% domestic services provider through The Foundation for Transparency in Offshoring.


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Message from the CEO

Call center employees are fully empowered to serve customers. At Call Impact, these customer service employees do not work from a script and are encouraged to use their imagination to make customers happy. They do not have to ask permission from a boss to give their customers the wow factors.

Why Call Impact

"At Call Impact, we understand the need to turn each customer interaction into a positive business outcome while balancing against operational costs. Every day, we help our customers improve their customer’s experiences."

How We Are Different from Others

We work fast, and handled our customers accurately.Your Web site visitors can get immediate live assistance from one of our Service Representatives via live web chat. Once an operator answers a call, they stay with the call until its natural completion.The representatives we hire have backgrounds in customer service, corporate experience, and have demonstrated ability to communicate effectively.Customer chooses email support, call impact has a robust email management system to streamline your program's support. Our system automatically routes inbound customer e-mail to the most appropriate Service Representative. Call Impact continuously monitors our call agents to ensure that our clients handled correctly and professionally.